Who does not love interviews!!! Boy, we love talking to companies, selling oneself, and talking about our achievement, trying to mask our weaknesses as strengths and making up bullshit stories on how we single-handedly saved the company from imminent disasters or made millions of dollars for the company. We all have been guilty of that. But what to do when the interviewer is a sexist asshole. He tells you that you should take an entry-level position as you are going to get married and go on leave to pop out babies anyways. What men fail to understand is that women are popping out their babies.

Indian Matchmaking, a series on Web streaming medium Netflix has been receiving a lot of flak for being sexist, misogynistic, casteist, and regressive. This show brings out the old patriarchal idea of women adhering to societal norms. We can make a huge hue and cry over this show, but when something similar happens in the workplace, no one raises a voice.

Questions I have been asked for a finance or management consulting job: –

  • When was I planning to get married?
  • Why I was not married?
  • Were my parents looking to keep my salary? Was it the reason they were not marrying me off?
  • When was I planning to have kids?
  • Who would control my salary? My parents or my future in-laws?

This phenomenon is not limited to employers. Whenever I share my woes concerning the dearth of opportunities with friends, their best solution is to ask me to think about getting married. How is getting married a logical solution to my job woes? Do my financial and strategic management skills manifest overnight and create an opportunity for me in the job market, just because I decided to get hitched? I am not able to comprehend how

Marriage = A successful Career

Our educational institute and society have always instilled the fact that

hard work + good grades = A successful career

Does it mean that society is trying to tell the females that no amount of studies and hard work would help our careers, but marriage will? Is society telling us that schools and education do not matter? If the solution to every problem in this society is marriage, then we do not need to go to school or learn anything. I cannot help but wonder if this is a propaganda to control women.

If I were a man, would I be given the same suggestion? Probably not. As Taylor Swift sang in her song The Man the rules of the professional game are different for females and males. Why is it hard for people to grasp a career-oriented ambitious woman? Why does an aspiration to have a career, for which I toiled and burnt the midnight oil to complete three degrees intimidate people? If I were a man, I would be celebrated for my hard work and helped to get a well-paid job. Although the society will still enquire about my personal life, it would be a subtle inquiry rather than a full-blown witch hunt.