I always thought that baking with yeast was not my loaf of bread (pun intended). Although my continued misadventures while baking cheese bread, white bread, onion bread, and beignets had disappointed me a bit, it had not deterred me. It had strengthened my resolve to at least bake one of those recipes as intended rather than what those recipes ended up becoming with my crazy experiments. 

This time, I made sure to write down all ingredients on a sheet of paper and follow the instructions through and through. I even made a point of making hung curd for the recipe. Finally, success!!!! Baked Beignets as intended. These beignets were fluffy, soft, and pillowy. Although I had skimped on eggs, I used hung curd, which surprisingly ended up being a perfect egg substitute. 

These beignets were so delicious that I ended up eating three pieces in a go. Though I still have to work on getting the shapes right, other than the shapes, this was perfection. However, this was a bittersweet moment as the success of this attempt meant that I should follow the recipe to the last dot. It also meant no more crazy adventures and coloring outside the lines. I wonder this is what it feels like when we tell toddlers to color within the lines.