Drunken noodles are supposed to be by far the most simple recipes I have had tried. Nigella Lawson has simplified the recipe so much that it should have taken only 10 minutes to cook. Although most of the ingredients were available at hand, I needed to order the Oyster Sauce.

Oyster Sauce

Oysters!!! What sweet memories it brings to my mind. The first time I had Oysters

I researched Amazon and decided on the Lee Kum Kee brand Oyster Sauce. I followed the recipe to the lost dot. It took me about an hour (as opposed to 10 minutes) to create the whole thing. I am not sure if it is only I who struggle with cooking the noodles/pasta just right within the timeframe mentioned on the pack, but it sure takes at least twice the amount of time mentioned.

Grated Ginger and Garlic with a Red Chili

It took around 15 minutes to cook the noodles right. While the noodles were cooking, I peeled and grated garlic and ginger and sautéed it in a wok. As I sprinkled in chili flakes, it released a fume of chili and brought a fit of cough. I added the cooked and drained noodles and tossed it. I then added half a cup of watered-down oyster sauce mixed with soy sauce to the wok and gave it another toss.

I transferred the prepared dish to my favorite Ceramic Bowl. Though the noodles were delicious, I was a bit disappointed with the color of the noodles. The Soy Sauce available in India manufactured by local vendors is too dark. The dish was finger-licking good, but I would have preferred a lighter hue.

A lesson for next time- Buy Soy Sauce that has been manufacture in either Thailand, Malaysia, or Japan.